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The German Shepherd breed was originated in 1899, at Karlsruhe, Germany. The breed became registered with the American Kennel Club in 1918. The German Shepherd's original purpose was as a herd and work dog. Being very loyal and smart, the breed has became a favorite for families throughout the world.

A very respected breed for its intelligence and versatility, it is commonly used for law enforcement, and search and rescue work. These dogs are very active and need room to run. They are better pets for people who live in the country or who have a large fenced in yard. They are also used widely as a seeing eye dog for the blind.

The German Shepherd is very easy to care for. They require minimal brushing to keep a beautiful coat. Proper nutrition and daily excercise is a must for this dog. Without regular excerise they can become a bit overactive. The dog is very easily trained and very smart. The dog is excellent as a pet, being very loyal, as well as being a good guard dog for your home. When purchasing a puppy, it is best to have the puppy veternarian check for hip dysplasia, which is common in a lot of the larger breeds of dogs.

Some people have misconceptions about these dogs. They think of them as violent and not a good pet for children. I have to disagree with this. These dogs, with proper training and care make excellent pets for the whole family. The addition of a German Shepherd to your family would be a wise decision. This dog would give you and your family years of happiness and complete loyality.