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Most people do not realize the effects a poisonous fish can have on your aquatic habitat. One wrong purchase and your entire tank could be killed off. These are some things to consider about poisonous fish.

What are some types of poisonous fish?
A few examples of poisonous fish are: the Scorpion, Lion fish, and stone or box fish. The main distinction between poisonous fish are Venomous and Poisonous. Venomous fish inject there poison whereas poisonous fish simply excrete or exude it. Poisonous fish let their toxins into the water, eventually wiping our every living thing in the tank.
To humans most of these fish are not fatal. They can produce a sting and some swelling at the most. However, they are fatal to the fish in your tank. If you have a live rock system, it will also be killed by these fish toxins.

How can you tell if you have a poisonous fish?
A lot of times you have to wait until they strike. Once they do strike, you maybe an hour until the effects are irreversible. There are some life saving measures you can take, but these tend, in most cases, to be useless. Some signs to watch for if a poisonous fish has released a toxin are: the other fish swimming erratically. They will appear to have lost all sense of direction. The next thing they will do is float belly up to the top of the tank.
You can counteract some of the damage by adding a dose of AmQuel into the water. However, in most cases, this just prevents you from having to buy a new tank altogether. Sometimes after a poisoning, the new fish will die off from residual effects still present in the tank.
The best way to safe guard against this is to ask the clerk at the pet store about the fish you are about to purchase. Asking the right questions can save you a lot of money and worry in the future.