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Most people don't think to ask if the fish they are about to purchase requires a special diet, such as live food. However, it is something to consider. Some fish require it, and some fish will merely benefit from the nutrition found in a live diet. It is best to research your fish and it's dietary needs.

Is live food better for your fish?

It is believed that in almost every instance, live food is better for your fish than dry flakes or pellets. There are a few reasons for this: the quality of protein in live food is much better than that found in dry food; the carbohydrate level in dry food far exceeds what is needed by any fish;
and live food stimulates the natural predatory instincts in your fish which makes for a happier fish. If nothing else, live food does not rot at the bottom of the tank muddling your water clarity and quality.

What kind of live food should you feed your fish?
Most pet stores carry brine shrimp exclusively for food. If not brine shrimp, you may want to try mosquito larvae. You can find these your self in any standing pools of water in the summer. They are small seed-sized bundles that float about in the water. Be sure not to over feed your fish, any uneaten larvae will hatch and fly around your house. For larger fish, you can feed them young goldfish or guppies.
The thing to keep in mind is that all fish are different. You can ask anyone at your local pet store. Remember that a larger will tend to eat anything smaller than it. It isn't difficult. And if they could, your fish would thank you.