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Tracking your escaped snake
Your snake seized the opportunity to escape when you dropped it or forgot
to shut it’s
cage properly and now you need some strategies for searching for an animal
that you can be sure
will find the most obscure location to hide. Don’t feel bad, this happens
once or twice to even the
most careful owner.

1. Remember a few things about snake behavior: they tend to choose places
to hide that are
warm, dark, and snug. They tend to choose the first such location they
find, so you may not have
to look very far. The operative words during your search are: Under,
Inside, and Behind. With
these facts in mind, grab a flashlight and don’t be afraid of crawling
around like, well, a snake.

2. Start in the vicinity of the cage. As you look, move farther and
farther away, following routes
a snake is likely to take. These would be along the bottom edges of walls
and furniture. Check
any crevices or cracks that you come across.
3. Be sure to check under appliances : anything that generates heat is a
snake magnet. A quick
check under the refrigerator may be all that it takes.
4. Check heat registers and vents.
5. Open up any box or drawer that you come across. Check under the
cushions of upholstered
furniture. Don’t bypass any potential hiding spot because it looks too
small. A snake can crawl
through a small opening and can fit into a very confined space.
6. Look behind books in bookcases. Also, check behind draperies and
blinds. Many snakes have
been found behind a houseplant on a sun- warmed windowsill.
7. If all else fails, try “trapping” your pet. Place plastic grocery store
bags in places the snake is
likely to go (see above). Turn off the lights and sit quietly. If you hear
the telltale but
unmistakable sound of a snake rustling in plastic, move slowly to recapture
your pet. Another
strategy is to take the electric hot rock from the cage and place it in a
likely spot. Cover it with a
light cloth and check every hour or so, especially at night when the snake
is more likely to leave its
hiding spot. Be sure not to use heat sources that may cause a fire,
8. Be patient. If you don’t find your snake right away, set out shallow
dishes of water so that it
won’t dehydrate, and wait. Your snake might show up when you are not
looking for it and least
expect it.