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It is essential to clean your dog's ears. Dogs are prone to ear mites and allergies. By cleaning their ears regularly, you can help prevent both. Cleaning a dog's ears is fairly simple, but if you have any questions you should consult a veterinarian. Watching a professional clean your dog's ears once should be enough to master the procedure. You must make sure that you do not do damage to your dog's ears by your cleaning methods. Start by restraining your dog. Make sure you have a tight hold on your pet, this is for their protection. If they jerk away while you cleaning their ears you permanently damage their hearing. Place the dog on a table (about chest level) and wrap your arms around the dog, like you are hugging it. Use your weak hand to inspect the ear and your dominant hand to restrain the dog. Using Q-tips is not recommended for cleaning dog's ears. Rather, wrap some gauze that has been dampened with a cleaning solution from the vet or soapy water around your finger, and gently swab the dogs ear. Proceed to fill the dogs ear with the solution and massage the base of the dog's ear. Now it is ok if your dog shakes its head, this will help clear the solution from the ear. Watch your dog to know just how often to repeat this.