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Putting your cat on a leash and parading him/her around the neighborhood may seem unusual, but cats can be trained to go walking just like a dog! But before you throw an old clothesline around your cat's neck and haul it out the door there are a few factors to consider.
What should you buy before you start? Experts recommend a harness and a leash. Get a harness that fits snugly on the cat. This will ensure that it does not slip out and run off. Attach a leash that is four to five feet long, something that will let your cat lead the way without being to far incase of a dangerous element. Also, pick out a leash you cat will like, something similar to a toy, remember this is FUN!
How do you introduce the cat to the harness and leash? Use the two instruments as toys. Keep them with all the other cat toys and bring them out when it is time to play. Dragging the leash around the floor for the cat to chases is a great way to make the object seem like a toy. Once the cat is familiar with the leash, place the harness on the cat and let it get accustomed to it. If the cat squirms, try giving it a treat when the harness has been successfully placed on.
After the cat is used to these two elements hit the streets and let your cat experience the outside world. Always remember to have the cat checked regularly for fleas and worms…especially if you walk it outdoors.