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If you've ever watched your cat's activity during the day, you may have noticed that
napping accounts for quite a bit of its time. In fact, it seems that your cat remains curled up in a
sleepy ball for hours. You wonder if all this laziness is a sign that your feline friend is bored.
To reassure you, cats sleep approximately 16 hours a day. A cat's sleep schedule is
generally unpredictable. They take short, 15-minute naps where their eyes are only partially closed
and they're woken by the slightest noise or movement. Long deep sleeping can last for hours at a
time while your cat dreams of chasing mice and catnip toys. You can usually tell when your cat is
dreaming. It quivers and twitches slightly. Don't worry, your cat is just far away in dreamland
hunting imaginary rabbits and running from nightmarish dogs. Try not to disturb it. After all, you
know how frustrating it can be when the alarm clock pulls you away from an particularly good
You may wonder why your cat sleeps so much. Domestic cats may sleep a lot because
they have the luxury to do so. They are well fed and don't have to hunt for food. Furthermore,
they are in little danger of being attacked during sleep. Sleeping a lot doesn't necessarily mean
that your cat is bored. The only cause for concern would be if there was something threatening in
the house, like a fierce dog or small children, that your cat was not able to get the sleep it needed.
To avoid this, buy your cat a fluffy, warm bed and put it in a room where it can be protected from
distractions and dangers. Your sleepy kitty will thank you!