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Caring for a horse is not as easy as some people might think. It takes a lot of hard work to care for a horse. If you love horses though, it will be rewarding in the end. There is several different things to consider before purchasing a horse. You need to make sure you have adequate land for the horse and also proper fencing.

Proper nutrition is the number one priority in caring for a horse. A horse is different than all other animals when it comes to this. A horse needs a good balanced diet to stay healthy. A horse needs to be fed the proper amount of food. Unlike other animals, a horse doesn't quit eating when it is full. It will continue to eat whatever is in front of it. This will cause the horse a belly ache or other type of illness. A horse also needs plenty of fresh water at all times. Even in the winter, you need to keep water on hand that is not frozen or too cold. A horse sometimes gets sick when the water it drinks is too cold.

A horse also requires a considerable amount of grooming. Its coat and mane need to be brushed and cleaned on a regular basis. This keeps the horse looking in top notch shape. A horse also needs to have new shoes put on at least every three months. Always check the horse's hooves to make sure there is nothing stuck in them. This could cause permanent damage if it goes unnoticed. A horse also needs to be sprayed in the summertime to keep insects and other parasites off of it. You also need to check with a veterinarian to see which vaccinations you need to give your horse.

If you decide on breeding and raising horses for yourself, there is things that you must know. A horse has a longer gestation period than most animals. This causes more stress on the horse, so you need to take extra steps in caring for it. When your horse begins to foal, you need to be there to assist it to make sure there is no complications. If something was to go wrong, you need to notify your veterinarian immediately.

This seems like a lot of hard work. It is all necessary care for a horse. Your reward comes when you get to saddle up on your beautiful horse and head out on the trail. To learn more facts and information on caring a horse, contact your local veterinarian. They usually have all the information you will need.