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You already have one pet, and you’re thinking about getting another? Well, go ahead!

There are no serious compatibility problems in owning more than one cat or dog. In fact, having more pets, assuming they are well-cared for, is a good thing. However, a few helpful pointers will be valuable in keeping household harmony.

The first few days when the cats or dogs are getting to know each other may require a good deal of patience on your part. The two will observe one another and be influenced by each other’s personality. Soon your pets will get along happily together with their individual personalities affording you a more interesting household.

The following suggestions will help you get past the important introduction phase of a multi-cat household. It’s normally best to introduce a newer pet to the existing pet. If the newcomer is a kitten or puppy, the older pet very often will assume a parental role and take charge. Let the older pet do this. It's the natural order of things.

Also, whether the newcomer is young or old, it is a good precaution to make sure all claws are clipped before introductions. Some close pet friendships can begin with some spitting and fussing for a couple of days while they get to know each other. Until they are used to each other, never leave them alone together. Most importantly, always be impartial and treat each pet with equal amounts of attention and affection. Don’t give them a cause for jealousy.

Most pets in the same household eventually become friends. It is very rare for them not to be compatible. If they are not, one of the pets might have to go for the sake of a happy home.

Contrary to popular belief, a cat and a dog can also get along as members of the same household. Just remember to give them a period of attention and not to leave them alone together in the beginning.

Don’t be afraid to add another pet to the family. The odds are in your favor that your cat or dog will welcome the new family member.