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People spend more time at work than at leisure spots. Prolonged social contact creates friendships which may wittingly or unwittingly develop into relationships. Love at work is a reality. It happens everywhere, everyday. There are more working women today than in the previous generations. They are also better dressed or provocatively dressed to exploit their sexuality.

People are social beings. A recluse would not survive in the working world. Being social, they tumble into relationships. Some are in quest of coupledom. Others have extra- marital flings or serious liaisons.

Employers may turn a blind eye to singles having their own social functions. They can mingle across the ranks. If the relationship works out, the couple is happy to continue working in the same environment. If it sours, then they have to face the consequences awkwardness or quitting to avoid embarrassment.

Do some serious thinking before jumping head over heels in love at work:

Your work performance may be affected by your desire to spend more time together. You may waste time in long lunches, clock-watching or personal small talk with that special someone.

Its inadvisable to have relationships with your peers. Work rivalry may come between the two of you. Linking hands across ranks will generate unkind gossip about exploiting sexuality for work kudos.

The office grapevine may be malicious in condemnation of the couple. Both parties could lose the respect of colleagues.

There may be rivalry between love interests too. Conflicts of opinions at work follow home to strain the relationship.

Coupledom can create negative effects on others in the office. Productivity may be affected by more gossiping and observations of what the couple is doing. Those have-nots may feel jealous or retaliate against the couple by complaining to the boss about true or unfounded matters.

Coupling of a boss and subordinate is taboo. Immediate reaction from others is discrimination or prejudice or favor in treatment. It's ugly to have resentment in the office. It can make working life horrible for the couple.

There are boons to having your partner working in the same office. The couple may show a lower absenteeism due to eagerness to be together in the work place.

Check with your company's written and unwritten policies about relationships. If both of you are singles, you may safely inform your boss that you are going steady. If your boss is unhappy, ask for a transfer of department or location of your work station.

Think long and hard on the negative consequences. be prepared for the worst. You may lose your relationship, job and career in just one stroke of bad luck. If you think recuperation is possible and you'll take the gamble, then good luck!