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When parents leave the house the baby-sitter becomes the adult that the child looks up to. Although usually a teenager, the child believes that this person is a full-fledged grown-up.

The baby-sitter has a job to not only watch the child, but to make sure he is properly entertained. If the child is unhappy when the parents return, the baby-sitter has lost future business.

There are many ways to help keep the child satisfied. Good friendly activities will help the child forget the loss of his parents and make him want you to return.

The first lesson is to make sure you do not fall victim to the easy way out-T.V. The television should be a last resort and should not be the only activity of the child. It should only be used after the child has tired out.

The first activity that most children love is hide and seek. It is easy, basic and effective. Make the child count to twenty and hide in a easy location so he can find you. Only get more difficult if the child asks you too. If you hide too well, the child might get scared or lonely. If there are two children make them work together, This way you will be building team skills as well as enjoying themselves.

The next activity is a joke telling contest. Children want to and need to laugh. They all have heard funny stories at school and would love to tell you. Even if you are not interested, pretend to care. Your laugh means everything to the young joketeller.

Another great activity is for you to read a book and have the child try to pretend to act out the scene. If there is only one child act out the scene with him or her. For example if they are cleaning in the book, pretend to clean the room. If the characters in the book involve running laps, pretend to run in place. Children love pretending and this gives them a great opportunity.

Cooking offers children a chance to get a little dirty and have a great time. Make spaghetti or pizza. Children love it and will do all they can to help out. For desert cook a cake. The children and the sitter will bond and you will have a sweet snack for later (please ask parents for permission before using their kitchen).

Finally, children love to make forts out of pillows and sheets. Making forts is easy for them and gives them a little hiding place. Encourage them to use unique items to build their own castles. You might be surprised at the things they come up with.

Baby-sitting is difficult. Theses activities should help with some ideas and keep you from forcing the children to watch another video or television show.