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5 Easy ways to lower your home energy bill. Stop wasting energy and money.
Air Conditioners are rated in BTU's or Tons. What do these ratings mean? How can you use them to make a reasonable decision on a choice of cooling system for my home, office, or business?
Choosing allergy beds and bedding isn't as hard as it sounds, these days many companies have seen the need for these products.
Researching the life expectancy before buying any appliances the first most important step any consumer can make. Consumer Report provides accurate details on most appliances, and also tests the products.
What is asbestos? What health problems can it cause? How do you solve the asbestos problem in your home?
With a little attention backyards are the safest playgrounds in town. Kid safety is a simple combination of careful backyard kid-proofing and lots of toys.
Help recycle old acid, lead batteries to prevent pollution of our ground and water.
Control birds terrorizing your yard. What do you do when those lovely chirping birds turn to household pests? Rid your home of pigeons, starlings, sparrows and pesky birds.
Bird feeder information! Everything you need to know to attract birds to your yard.
Burglar proof your home! When you leave your home empty during an extended trip, there are some things you can do to make sure it's safe from prowlers. Here are ten tips that will be helpful.
How to prevent robberies in your home. Burglary tips to secure your home. How to protect your home.
Few things feel worse than having your personal belongings rifled and stolen by intruders. Know how to protect your home from burglary.
What kinds of things should you keep in mind when buying water conditioning equipment for your home's water? How do you know if a particular piece of equipment is right for you?
Cheap emergency car accesories! Many car owners spend serious money on customizing and major repairs, but many essential items for a car trip cost less than $5. Here are ten such items every car should have.
Crystal glassware and china must be cared for gently, and washed very carefully. Here's some advise on how to store, wash and handle to avoid damaging by chipping or breaking.
Learn how to care for your sterling silver flatware. Silver is lovely, and the more it is used and handled the more it develops the desirable patina. The cleaning process and characteristics of silver.
Find out how to control carpenter ants. These insects are ants of the camponotus species, which burrow through decks, posts, rafters, beams and other wooden structures in and around the home.
Easy ways of removing some of the most common stains from carpet, as well as, some not so common stains.
Ceiling fan information: The article will explain some of the parts of a ceiling fan as well as the basic operation of a ceiling fan.
Who should you notify with your new address when you move? How can you be sure to get your mail quickly? How long will the Post Office forward your mail?
Learn how to change spark plugs without having to call a mechanic.
What are the best chemical for your swimming pool? Learn about the alternative to chlorine as a pool cleaning agent. Find out the differences between hydrogen peroxide and chlorine based pool cleaners.
Child safety in the home: How can we protect a child from home accidents?
Chimney repairs and cleaning are a very important part of enjoying a blazing fire in your fireplace. Learn how to clean a chimney.
What colors should you choose to paint your house? How do you know which colors are best for you?
Consumers buy locks everyday, but most of them don't know that they are buying the wrong locks, in order to buy the right lock, it is also important to buy a secure door, to prevent burglaries.
The earth is a place where you can live on, eat on, and breathe on. It’s an environment all in one.
Hardwood floors can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Learn more about how to keep your floor in tip top shape.
Every household arsenal should include cleaning with vinegar. Vinegar not only leaves a bright finish, it's environmentally sensitive.
How to perform cleansing rituals to rid a room of negative energy. A short how to on what's necessary to make a room feel more positive.
There are easy ways for organizing a messy out of control closet. With just a little time and effort you can have an organized, neat and clean closet.
Maintaing the dryer in good working order helps to avoid those extra expenses. Before we run to call the expensive "repair man" a few things may be checked and corrected.
Clothes dryer maintanence is a must, if you plan on having your dryer outlive it's warranty. These simple tips will keep you home laundry in tip top shape and away from the repair man.
Cockroaches are ugly,smelly and disease ridden. Use these sure fire techniques to banish roaches from your home - for good.
All colors provoke emotions. The emotions of color are outlined in this article to help you decide which colors will be best for you.
Learn how to remove many common stains from clothing and fabrics. Your laundry will be cleaner by following these tips.
Community notification of sexual offenders in your neighborhood. Can the public handle knowing? Does it lower the crimes committed?
Composting at home is a great way to recycle and great for your plants. Her's how to compost easily.
A few simple ideas about how to remove stains from concrete driveways and garage floors.
Housing cooperatives offer a valid alternative to apartment dwelling. Get to know the people you want to live with and figure out some guidelines in advance and you are sure to have a happy home.
Help protect your apartment or house from burglars with these crime prevention tips.
A humorous do-it-yourself moving quide What to avoid during your move coming from an expert who has moved 12 times in the last 15 years and never with the hired help of a moving company.
Find out if you have a haunted house, and what to do about it.
If you have ever unsuccessfully attempted a install a new doorknob or repair one, you will understand the importance of proper installation. Learn how to do it correctly!
WhWhich fabrics are dry clean only? What happens to different types of clothing when you take them to be dry cleaned? How do you know if your clothes will be okay being dry cleaned?
There are many things that your dry cleaners don't tell you about your clothes.
Earthquake safety: Knowing what to do before, during and after an earthquake is vital.
Tips for easy fabric stain removal from all kinds of clothes. Includes ways that can remove even stubborn, set in stains from clothes.
Learn how to repair your electical outlets without calling an electrician.
Learn how to repair frayed electrical wires.
What essential items to include in an emergency preparedness (survival) kit to help you survive until help arrives.
Several tips you can use to save energy in your home and cut down those high utility bills.
Entertaining ideas for making great food on a budget, putting together a dinner party for a song, and being a great hostess.
Fabric stain removal made easy! We've all stained our clothes immediately after they've returned from the dry cleaners. But what are some basic care tips, so you can remove different pesky stains as easily as possible?
Feng Shui design: Change your luck for the better by making some simple changes in your home and office, based on the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui.
Feng Shui is about being in harmony with your environment. With tthese tips it is fairly simple to start, so give it a try!
Finding a good real estate agent is crucial. Many first time home sellers do not understand the complexety of selling their home. A good agent can help.
Fire is the most deadly killer of all natural disasters. Learn to protect your family with these simple steps.
All about constructing your own fish pond, information on what you will have to do to maintain it.
Heating a home has become a big financial burden on most families. Below are some things we can do to cut heating cost.
Learn to fix leaky faucets. Most repairs in your home are simple enough for you to do without calling a plumber.
The easiest method for repairing a leaky pipe without disassemlbing the entire system.
How can you stop your toilet from leaking? What are some techniques you can use to save yourself from calling the plumber?
What is formaldehyde? What kinds of health problems does it cause? How do you solve the problem of formaldehyde in your house?
Unusual arrangements for fresh cut flowers using buttons, marbles, fruit.
You can learn to become neater when you find order compellingly pleasing in your surroundings.
Tips for putting on a successful garage sale that is not only a money maker, but a social occasion as well.
How to refinish furniture in easy steps. Save money and refinish your old furniture instead of tossing it.
How do you repair your automatic garage door opener? What are some common problems with automatic garage door openers?
Welcome to the world of garage kits. A garage kit is a limited edition model usually cast in resin or vinyl. Learn more.
Repai your garbage compactor in a snap!
Learn how to repair your garbage disposal without calling a plumber.
All of us will experience a clogged garbage disposal sooner or later. Here's how to fix them...
Gas chain saws are very thrifty inventions and if properly cared for they can last indefinitely. Learn to care for your chain saw.
Get organized! have a well-managed house and time to enjoy your hobbies and interests.
Good neighbor policy: how to resolve disputes peacefully by discussion,co-operation, tact and courtesy. Being neighborly is important if you wish to enjoy your neighborhood.
Many ways in which you can welcome a new neighbor to your community or street.
These guidelines for home appraisal let you know what to expect when your home is being appraised & what kinds of things the appraiser will look at.
Properly hanging a door is simple with these instructions
The history of the the Christmas tree: it first got it's start centuries ago by the Egyptians. Since then, it's become part of history and a common celebration to all.
Latin's history and contribution to modern English is prolific. Latin is alive and well in the English language!
Buying a first home is the biggest investment of your life. Follow these 8 tips to ensure you do it right.
Some tips you can use to conserve energy in your home and reduce your electric bill month after month.
Help protect your family and home in case of a fire disaster with these safety tips. The basic needs for proectection include a fire extinguisher, escape route, and smoke detectors.
Tips on choosing a home improvement contractor & how to ensure the work on your home is done to your satisfaction.
Examine home improvement values before starting a project. Don't begin without reading this guide showing what prospective house buyers will be looking for.
Home improvements can increase the resale value of your house, if done properly. Tips & advice.
The amazing innovations coming soon to a home near you.
Pests take on many forms, sizes and locations in your home. You need to know how to spot what kinds of pests so you can best take care of the problems. Here are the 10 most common indoor pests found in the United States.
In an active family life, where everyone is busy, who does the drudge work at home? Here is a tested plan to share the work fairly.
Home safety and security: Safeguard your home before you leave town on a vacation or short trip.
Try these invigorating home spa bath ideas!
Home storage ideas: a short guide to locating under-utilized space in your home.
Learn how to repair your home trash compactor.
What can you do to calculate the value of your home? How do you know if the value of your home is going up or down?
If your carpet needs only a light cleaning it is possible to save money by mixing your own shampoo. Avoid using a strong soap solution however as it will leave a residue.
Homemade cleaning products are cheaper than store bought products and better for your home and the environment.
Try this recipe to make homemade laundry soap. It's simple and you don't need any special equipment or hard to find ingredients.
No more worrying about hosting a dinner party in style with this simple guide for how to set the table. Be classy and correct!
House centipedes control secrets from this ultimate guide on arthropod pest control
House centipedes scurrying around your floor and walls? Could be Scutigera coleoptrata. Find out about this insect and what to do.
House dust mites are everywhere. But how do you get rid of them and how can you prevent them making your allergies worse?
Learn how to control house mice. Signs of house mice infestation are droppings, or gnawed areas on doors, baseboards, kitchen cabinets, mouldings or other such areas.
House painting tip: how to prep the interior of a house before painting it.
Most household electrical circuits can be repaired by following these simple steps.
Poison proof your home by following these tips. You can also use them at work or at school. Home safety for your children's health.
Household spiders and what to do about them. Eight legged spiders infesting your home? Webs in every corner?
What do you need to know about cleaning drapes? What kinds of draperies are more difficult to clean than others?
How do you fix your sink drain without calling a plumber? What are some good techniques to use?
Learn how to arrange flowers! Hints, tips and tricks from a professional floral designer to help you create beautiful and exotic floral arrangements right at home.
The first thing to remember when buying a house is do not rush into it. If you are buying a house these tips will help.
Buying a house is an exciting task, but may seem overwhelming. This step by step guide will get you started.
Learn how to maintain your wood floors. Hardwood floors require special care. This article tell you how to do it.
clean your home without chemicals: household cleaners often do more harm than good. Mixing common household ingredients can save you time, money and exposure to toxic chemicals.
Learn how to conserve the amount of water you consume in your home by up to a third without any inconvenience to your family. Here are some tips to save water and money easily.
Cleaning a candle wax stain is easy when you know how.
Find out how to get rid of honey bees. Bee hive on your property? Honeybees gathering around your flowers and trees? Allergic to bee stings? Learn what to do.
How to install a chainlink fence for privacy and security. Raising your property value with home improvements makes sense, and adding a chain link fence is fairly easy.
Learn how to install floor tile! Tips and hints to achieve a proffesional look, without the cost of a professional installation.
Learn how to install insulation your home. Insulation is brought about by tiny air pockets in an insulating material that resist the transfer of heat.
Safe ways to make your own homemade cleaning products from window to toilet bowl cleaners.
A step-by-step guide to sewing simple pillows for the home. Includes information on stuffing, fabric choices, design, and sewing.
How can you make your home look secure when you're on vacation? What are some techniques you should consider?
Here are some tips to decreasing clutter and organizing your home.
Painting a room can be the simplist way to liven up an area on a limited budget. Learn the step by step procedure to get you started.
Learn how to paint a room and how to prepare a room before begining to paint.
Breathe new life into your old furniture by stripping and refinishing it yourself.
Bringing old wood back to life is easier than ever. Learn the step by step methods for turning your old furniture into something you can be proud to show off.
Learn how to repair a leaking roof. The hardest part of fixing any leaky roof is finding the leak. Find out how!
What are some common problems with telephone answering machines? How do you fix them?
How do you repair wicker? What tools do you need? What techniques can you use to repair wicker?
Learn how to sell your house.The first thing you will need to decide is whether or not to use a broker.
Sell your own home. Ways to advertise and prepare your home for sale, so you can avoid the expense of a Realtor.
How to shop for a mattress set without spending more money than you have to. Find out which mattress is the best for you.
If you are stuck with a clogged drain, these tips will help you unravel the problem with a minimum of stress.
Indoor ant control: Get rid of Ants once and for all!
What are the best ways to control indoor pests such as cockroaches and ants?
This guide will give you the basic steps needed for installing your own kitchen or bathroom sink.
Keeping your home safe has become much easier with the wide variety of door locks on the market today. Learn to properly install door locks.
Interior lighting design tips: lighting is a must for every home. There a several dramatic and practical ways to get the most out of area lighting.
Learn how to troubleshoot and repair your iron.
Ever wondered what is inside a Japanese home? They are designed for maximum efficency and with a combination of Western and their own unique touch...
How to keep your personal medical records in order to optimize your personal health care. You'll learn what you need to keep track of to get the most out of medical treatment.
Laundry tips: How can you get the most out of coin laundry facilities? What can you do to keep your clothes in good condition? What do you need to know about coin machines?
Easy lawnmower maintennce to get your lawnmower ready for use this summer! Lubricate, oil, and clean, or replace necessary parts in five easy tasks!
What are some legal documents every adult needs to have? What do they do and mean? Why do you need them?
Creative ideas for long distance grandparents to keep a loving connection. Suggestions for using your computer (with or without the internet), mail and phone calls, television and video cameras in unique ways.
Learn how to reapir your own luggage.
Make your own jewelry boxes! Crafts are hot sellers right now. They are not only fashionable, but fairly easy to make.
Learn easy professional secrets to marble care, maintenance, stain removal and damage. Do it yourself! Save hundreds!
The key to maximizing storage in your bathroom is useing the space to your advantage. Mounting containers, racks, and shelving units are all great possibilities for tidy storage in tiny bathrooms.
Fine silver, brass, copper or any shining metal surface adds to the beauty of a room. Learn simple ways to clean these and many other metals.
Easy mildew removal! Learn to remove and prevent mildew in your home.
Removing mold and mildew from showers and siding can seem daunting. But patience, some bleach and good preventive measures can help!
How-to prepare for a move. A checklist to make sure you don't forget anything.
Six uncommon ways to making moving easier. If you're moving to a new house or apartment, you'll find these tips to be invaluable.
These moving tips can greatly reduce your stress and make things run very smoothly if you are moving across town or across country. Turn a time which is usually met with confusion and disarray into organized calmness.
This article provides information regarding simple household tools that might assist a person that has only one arm in completing tasks.
Organic pest control: explore further the chemical free possibilities to removing pests from your home and garden.
Learn how to organize your closets. Closets, like some drawers, tend to be the catch all of any household.
Tips for getting rid of clutter in children's rooms, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the utility room. Organize your home quickly and easily.
Tips for better organizing your kitchen for efficent ease and cooking.
Whether you furnish your patio with wrought iron, wicker or cedar, proper care will lengthen the life of your outdoor furniture. Tips on cleaning, storing and maintaining all types of patio furnishings.
Find out little known ways that pantry pests like roaches and gnats get into your kitchen, plus how to repel and exterminate bugs with natural insecticides.
After paying for our groceries, The cashier often asks, "Do you want plastic or Paper?" Most often we choose brown paper bags, since it is thicker and it is more reliable and it holds better than Plastic. It is best to choose plastic. Although Plastic is better for the earth, it also has many disadvantages.
Pointers on the various weapons of defense a person has at all times as well as tips on their use.
Moles in your lawn and garden can be very destructive. Some home remedies for getting rid of moles are dangerous and just don't work. Learn how to control them safely.
Protect your house plants from powdery mildew.
If a natural disaster strikes where you live, will you and your family be prepared?
Professional tips for washing dishes: save time and energy by using the same techniques as professional dishwashers. Here's how to make this sometimes dreaded chore a bit easier and more efficient.
Descriptions of underground houses with all the good reasons to build one and all the drawbacks.
Plnety of easy, time-saving tips to cleaning your entire kitchen, including removing stains, unclogging drains, erasing coffee and tea stains, cleaning appliances, and more.
Rats in the house? Garage? Living areas? Afraid of bites or infection? Learn how to control this potentially dangerous household pest.
Reduce crime in your neighborhood! Crime is on the increase in America, and throughout the world. Don't be a victim! Now you, as a resident, working with neighbors, can help reduce the crime rate.
Anyone can go to the local furniture store and buy new, expensive furniture. It takes talent to refurnish your home and get what you want without spending a fortune.
Exact steps on removing any wall paper from your walls. How to prepare your walls for painting and the tools you will need to succeed in this job
Renter's need to insure their property and valuables to protect them from theft, fire or other loss risks.
Renting tips and precautions to take before signing a lease and what to look out for. Know your rights and obligations.
Learn some common problems with riding lawn mowers and how to repair them.
To repair a broken rocker on a chair you will need glue, a wood clamp, wax paper, a dowel, a drill, sandpaper, a hammer and a saw.
How do you know if you need a roof coating? What are the signs? When do you put the roof coating on your roof?
Roofing tips:what are the different types of roofing on the market? How do these types of roofing protect your home?
Learn how to install and repair a screen door or window.
Selling your own home is a challenge sometimes. There are several things a homeowner can do to increase their chances of a fast and rewarding sale.
Learn how to troubleshoot and reapir your sewing machine.
Smart shopping: Grocery stores lure customers in by offering coupons and 'power buy' discounts, but the truest savings to consumers can be found in the 'cost per ounce' information readily available while shopping.
Learn smoke detectors work and how to maintain and repair them.
This article gives a quick solution to two of the main problems, yellowing and graying.
What are some common problems with yard sprinkler systems? Learn how to repair them.
What personal records should be saved and protected. Where to place them and in what groups or catagories.
Keeping your stove in good order can save on repair bills. These tips will help you to troubleshoot your electric or gas range.
Keeping the modern family together- ways to successfully schedule your activities without conflict when everyone is going in different directions
Gain more closet space and make some extra money at the same time, have a yard sale! Here is how.
Learn how to have crystal clear water in your swimming pool or spa. Other pool and spa care tips included.
Proper care of a swimming pool is simple and will keep water a safe, clear, inviting aqua blue all summer. Learn how!
Learn how to troubleshoot and repair your telephone system without having to call your telephone company.
What kinds of things do you need to do differently to your tires when driving in cold weather?
The expense, the effect of weather, and the proliferation of indoor stadiums all seemed to threaten the future of grass in major sporting stadiums. However technology has struck again and grass is making a comeback.
To select the kind of wood you want used on or in your home, you first need to know about the different types of wood.
The heat pump can act as a furnace in cold weather and an air conditioner in hot weather.
What kinds of things can dental floss be used for? Why is dental floss such an important item to have on you?
Tips on having a successful garage sale. How to entice people to part with their cash and haul away all of your old junk!
Learn the three types of electrical plugs and how to repair them.
Divorce rates, marriage mishaps, and real victims of divorce - children! Learn how the family structure in the year 2000 has changed, and continues to change. Is it for the better?
How to protect your valuables from theft.
Tips on keeping a house clean: if you can't afford a cleaning service and are tired of spending your weekends cleaning, here is a way to maintain a clean house efficiently.
Toggle bolts are used to hang pictures in drywall or plaster and prevent damage to both the wall and your pictures.
Learn to repair your toilet. In most cases problems with a toilet can be repaired or avoided by simple maintenance.
Twist ties have found an important niche in today's household. Paper or plastic covered wire has become the #1 temporary problem solver of our time.
What are some different types of fasteners? How are they used? What do they look like?
Learn the different types of hammers and which hammers are best for you and the job.
What are the different types of lightbulbs on the market? Where are each of these types best used?
What are some different types of nails? What do they look like? What are they typically used for?
What are some different types of saws? How do you use them?
What are some different types of screws? What are they used for? What do they look like?
A list of the upholstery tools you will need to restore furniture.
The uses for baking soda are numerous - ranging from health and beauty to cleaning and deodorizing.
Uses for vinegar, from household cleaning to medicinal.
Learn to troubleshoot and repair your VCR.
Learn the many uses of vinegar in and around your home.
Vinyl siding has gained popularity because its relatively low in cost and maintanence free. But before making a decision, let's take a look at the pros and cons.
Waste disposal alternatives: Most of the refuse materials in the United States are being disposed in three ways. These methods depend on the cost needed to use them.
Learn how to reapir your water heater without calling a plumber.
Dark brown stains on your bedding? Swellings on your body? Could be bed bugs. What they are and what to do.
Do you have book lice? Are there insects on your books and walls? Moldy wet areas? Sounds like book lice. What they are and what to do.
Chippendale, one of the outstanding styles of American furniture, originated in the mid 1700s. Find out information about Thomas Chippendale, unique characteristics of this style, and decorating tips.
What is radon gas? Why can it be dangerous? How can it get in your home? How to protect your family.
Learn how to recycle! Making use of discarded materials could help lessen the problem of wastes littering the environment.
A guide to help you calculate what sized air conditioner to purchase in order to efficiently and economically cool a hot room in your home.
Winterize your home for heating season! This will help to keep your heating costs down and make your home more comfortable during cold, winter months.
Working at home online might seem like a very good idea but is it really for you? There are advantages and disadvantages that you need to look at to make your final decision.
Yard sale tip: Professional buyers can turn your yard sale into a disaster by showing up early, haggling for bargains and clearing out the good merchandise. Here's how to spot them.
yearly home maintenance that needs to be done to your home.
Which tools are essential to fixing problems around the house? Why do you need them?