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You can run a 5k in 8 weeks with this week-by-week 5K training guide.
Adult urinary incontinence affects both men and women and lots of people have been successfully treated and cured. Learn more.
Make aging gracefully easier with these life preservation tips. Age gracefully to save your beauty, health and wealth.
Allergy information: help yourself out of allergic reactions and create an allergen-free environment around you and your loved ones
Almonds were thought to be too fatty to be a healthy snack. Research has debunked that belief as an old myth. Munching on almonds helps people feel satisfied and less inclined to overeat at dinner!
Most surgical procedures use general anaesthesia so that during an operation your reflexes do not work, you have no muscle tone, cannot feel a thing and are unaware of your surroundings. General anaesthetics are administered by an anaesthetist.
Develop anger management skills with these tips. Use positive anger management to re-direct anger to work for you.
Anger management techniques: several suggestions to blow off steam without using violence, drugs or other self-destructive behavior.
What kinds of things will happen during your annual physical exam? What should you be prepared for?
Are antibiotics losing their effectiveness? How should they be taken?
A healthy diet and antioxidants work together to help you to stay healthy longer, fight aging and diseases.
Apples really are good for your health. Apples are an excellent source of natural fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Learn the health hazards of using aspirin. Information on pros and cons of using Aspirin.
Asthma is a chronic, inflammatory lung disease characterized by recurrent breathing problems.
Do you or your loved ones take prescription medications? Find out common adverse food and drug interactions you should avoid. Hidden dangers uncovered.
Balding treatments: Does minoxidil work? Hair transplants? What are the alternatives?
Covers the benefits of weight training, including improved health & prolonged life.
What are the benefits of breastfeeding a toddler? A look from a nutritional standpoint plus find out when is the right time to wean.
The benefits of honey are widespread -- a natural remedy that relieves respiratory ailments, boosts energy and stamina, heals wounds, and reduces stress.
The benefits of yoga are numerous. Yoga calms you down, gives you more energy and helps you stay young. Iyengar yoga is the complete exercise for mind and body.
How yogurt benefits the body and mind.
Bicycle commuting provides a healthy and valuable alternative to driving to work in automobiles. The exersize is good for overall well being and environmental health.
Birthmarks are skin blemishes commonly called moles, strawberry marks, stork bites or the more serious port wine stains.
In Japan, the blood type you are is supposed to reflect more than just your personality. People check blood types when marrying but this is a modern superstition from the early 1900s.
High blood pressure harms your arteries by making them stiff and thick. This increases your risk of stroke and heart attack! Get your blood pressure read!
Is it really safe to have a blood transfusion nowadays? And what realistic alternatives are available. We take alook at the latest in bloodless medicine.
Breathing is one of the most natural functions of the body. Learn how to use deep breathing exercises for your health.
The bite of the dreaded brown recluse spider causes great pain and physical distress for its victims. It is a medical emergency which requires immediate treatment.
Calcium is one of the essential minerals we need to include in our daily diet. The amount of Calcium is essential.
Early diagnosis for cancer is dependent upon testing. Those with a high risk of cancer, a history of previous cancers or history of cancer in the family should be particularly aware of the tests available for early detection.
Learn to care for your irreplaceable ears and also how to prevent hearing loss.
Learn about cellulite reduction and causes. Cellulite are fat cells that can be reduced by dieting, exercise and cosmetic treatment.
Learn how to get cheap prescription drugs.
Information about chemotherapy symptoms and side effects that the cancer patient should report, including fever, nausea/vomiting, bleeding, and infection.
Learn the effects of coffee on your health.
The differences between the common cold and the flu, including symptoms and treatments.
Do you have headaches, fever, chest pain, numbness, nausea? These and other symptoms of illnesses and conditions are listed here.
This article goes over proper ergonomics for the lay person. How to set up your workstation and exercises to do to reverse the effects of frequent computer use.
Find out if contact lenses could be good for you.
Contraception methods differ in effectiveness. Find out how effective each method of contraception really is.
Everyone needs coping skills for stress - here are some positive steps to combat and reduce stress.
CPR and Artificial respiration methods are some examples of assessments which could be useful in dealing with emergency situations requiring first aid.
Drug interaction information: Which drugs do you want to be sure not to mix? Why are they dangerous?
Effects of drinking: What alcoholics and all drinkers must know about alcohol.
Exercise bulimics constantly use exercise to compensate for eating binges. Exercising to excess is fast becoming as popular a purging method as vomiting or laxative abuse.
Learn the facts about marijuana It seems every one is using marijuana these days. How can you determine if it for you? And is it as safe as some claim? Get the facts here.
Althought Class C fireworks are generally considered safe when proper procedures are followed, accidents due to intentional misuse or manufacturer defects can and do occur. Here are some first aid tips for handling home fireworks accidents.
Learn what the contents your first aid kit should be. Why do you need these items?
First aid kit contents are important! You better hope you don’t have a real emergency if you’re depending on a first-aid kit you bought at the store. Here's what you should have!
What are the best and easiest exercises you can do to stay flexible? How do you stretch your muscles and your body to keep yourself young?
Stretching is the most often overlooked part of an exercise program. Often when it is done it is done incorrectly. This article goes over the HOW-TO'S for stretching muscles for flexiblity and injury prevention.
Gives a step and step process to working passionately and turning your passion into your career.
Find out what common foods cause allergies in your child. What are the symptoms and how to treat them.
Find out how to speed a fracture's healing process.
Are generic prescription drugs as good as the name brands? How do you know if you should buy generic drugs in order to save money, or buy their more expensive name-brand counterparts?
Ever wanted to soak in really hot water and not have it go cold? You need to have a go in a Japanese bath!
How much cholesterol is unhealthy? What's the difference between good and bad cholesterol? What are the best ways to lower your cholesterol level?
Some great aerobic excercises for the average person to do in order to keep in shape and start feeling better.
Quality ear protection is a critical component to our health and safety when shooting guns at the range. Learn how to protect your hearing.
Hair removal methods: Bleaching? Depilation? Electrolysis? Laser Treatment? Find out which method of hair removal is best and most cost effective for you.
Your handwriting can be analyzed for many reasons. Do you know what your handwriting says about you?
Head lice - not a nice subject but essential information for all of us, especially those with children. Get the facts to protect your family.
Malva tea have many healing attributes. This tea can be uses for stomachaches, gargle to reduce throat inflammations and compresses for skin inflammations.
Find the health benefits of chocolate and what chocolate is best for you.
The health benefits of mushrooms are numerous. Asian mushrooms or Oriental mushrooms can fight disease, cancer, infections, aging and other illnesses.
Learn about the health benefits of soy foods. Soyfoods are rich in isoflavones, a potential weapon against cancer. And they taste pretty darn good, too!
Making these healthy simple changes in your eating habits will cut many calories from your diet, increase your healthy food intake, and improve your health without drastically changing your eating habits.
Heimlich manuever instructions: what should you do if an infant is choking? What should you do if an adult is choking? Use the heimlich maneuver to save them.
Herbs for the immune system: what these herbs are and how and when to take them.
High cholesterol puts you at risk for a heart attack or other cardiovascular diseases. Learn the syptmoms. With proper treatment you can control your cholesterol level and live a healthy and long life.
Learn how to give yourself an home manicure for less. You don't need to spend a bundle on a professional manicure.
Learn how to give manicures and pedicures at home. It is very simple and economical to give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. Follow easy steps and your nails can look beautiful.
Are there toxins in your home? Our homes are full of chemicals - how safe are they and what can you do to protect your loved ones from contamination?
Make homemade hot oil treatments at home using only two ingredients. Very easy to do and saves you money.
Driving in hot summer weather can be exhausting for your car. But there are many things that you can do to prepare your car for driving in hot weather.
Taking karate can be a physically, mentally and spiritually positive experience in anyone's life.
Learn to prevent and treat motion sickness. Motion sickness is suffered by roughly one-third the American population. This devestating illness can ruin a vacation.
A no holds barred, natural approach to breaking through those muscle building barriers and building the body of your dreams - without drugs.
How to manage your stress level you live under,here is a quick way to get a fair estimate.
Learn how to quit smoking today! Some simple methods to kick the nicotine habit.
Can't decipher what your doctor means by "a.c." and "t.i.d." on your prescription? Learn the most common abbreviations used in prescriptions.
Ways in which humor therapy can help to relieve emotional as well as physical pain.
If you're trying to lose weight, which exercises should you try? Which burn the most calories? Which best improves your overall health? Learn here!
There may be lead and other chemicals in your drinking water. Effective ways to protect yourself and your family from your drinking water.
Explains common terms associated with long term health care insurance and their meanings. Helps people make informed decisions when choosing a policy. Prevent from making costly mistakes.
Learn to lose weight quickly before you take that trip down the aisle.
This low fat diet plan teaches you how you can eat fat wisely. A low fat diet allows you 30% of your calories from fat.
Find motorcycle safety tips and accident statistics on this concise page.
How to naturally care for your hair internally and externally.
Here are some natural ways to control mosquitoes. Mosquitoes don't only deliver annoying bites, they can sometimes carry illness as well. Prevention and treatment tips.
Tips to help you sleep peacefully and rid yourself of troublesome nightmares.
Better nutrition can help prevent cervical cancer.
Nutritional yeast or brewers yeast is an inexpensive, yet excellent nutritional supplement. It contains elements that help keep the body youthful and energetic.
Which over the counter pain medicine is best for you? Aspirin? Acetaminophen (Tylenol)? Ibuprofen (Advil)? Ketoprofen (Actron)? or Naproxen Sodium (Aleve)? How do you know which you should get?
Many people suffer from anxiety and/or depression at some point in their lives. While the road to recovery is not easy, there are methods you can use to speed your return to your former, happy self.
Symptoms of panic attacks and how to treat with them.
When a panic attack hits your mind thinks heart attack, stroke, brain tumor, seizure, diabetes. Here are the symptoms, causes and treatments for getting better.
Learn how to properly perform a breast self exam. Regardless of your age, all women should examine their breast at least once a month.
The Japanese have been performing personality assessment through blood type analysis for decades. Find out your personality using ketsu-eki-gata here!
Pesticide facts ! Total pest elimination is virtually impossible. Trying to eradicate pests from your premises will lead you to more extensive, repeated chemical treatments than are required for pest control.
Placenta previa in pregnancy could mean bedrest or even a cesarean section. Are you at risk? Find out what to do if diagnosed.
Don't let Poison Ivy ruin your next trip outdoors. Learn what this plant looks like and how to protect yourself against it's poisoneous sap!
Natural disasters can occur at anytime. Be prepared for what to do in the event of an earthquake by reading this essential informative article.
Aviod prescription drug abuse. Ways to change your dependency on drugs.
Concise tips on prescription drugs & info on how to take them properly.
Professional massage techniques you can practice at home. Want to feel serenity, peace, tranquility? Learn how to give a superb head to toe massage.
Psychosomatic illnesses: Are you really ill or is it just your mind playing tricks on you? Find out in this article.
Some good running stretches as well as an explanation of why you should stretch, how you should stretch and how to avoid stretching injuries.
Safe driving tips: driving safely and enjoying a smooth ride through traffic from a reformed road rager.
How to shop for shoes with good shoe-sense.
Forget the gimmicks - here's the real way to develop a tight, sexy mid-section - in an easy step-by-step format.
Smoking's effects on the lungs, such as the development of emphysema and lung cancer, are mainly caused by tar and nicotine. Learn how smoking cigarettes causes immediate changes to occur in the lungs.
Stress has many effects on the body. Here are just a few of them and how to effectivly deal with stress without hurting yourself or another person.
Stress reduction technique: how pets keep us healthy and stress free.
Sun tanning is no longer as safe as it used to be. Read on to find out why and how to tan safely without the risks of getting skin cancer or sun-burn.
How pent up anger and hositility can affect one's health. Also discusses strategies to begin to overcome this detrimental personality trait.
What kinds of things can you to make your hospital stay bearable? What do you need? What kind of attitude do you need?
Heat Strokes, what you can do to prevent them and what are the signs and symptoms. What you should do if you or someone is having a heat stroke.
Take this quiz to see if you are ready to go on your new diet. A successful and healthy weight loss requires the right frame of mind. See if you are ready to lose that fat!
How to do a testicular self-exam.
We all love water, we used it for everything including drinking and cooking. But if you have your own water from a well or other source, you have to testits purity.
Here is the best workout to build the perfect abs.
Secondhand smoke smoking can kill infants, children and adults. Rules of thumb to avoid breathing in secondhand smoke.
An overview of benefits and problems of rapid detox the controversial heroin detox procedure.
The medicinal uses of cayenne: the importance of cayenne, as well as how and when to use.
What evidence is there that shows that fish tanks are soothing for people? What are the benefits of owning an aquarium?
How to brush your teeth with the dentist-recommended Sonicare toothbrush.
Is salt really bad for you or could it have some benefits?
The Zone diet helps you lose weight and boost your energy by using food to control important hormones in your body
The Zone diet plan helps you lose weight and boost your energy by using food to control important hormones in your body
This diet will help clean your lymphatic system and give you a jump start on health. Good for the immune system!
Tornadoes can strike at anytime. Being prepared for twisters is the key to surviving.
Toxic waster in air and water pollution.
Traditional Chinese dishes are light, tasty and nutritious. Read about the benefits of essential ingredients used in the traditional recipes and tips on authentic Chinese cooking.
What are the different types of alcohol and drug abuse rehab centers? How do you know which is best for you?
There are many uses for apple cider vinegar -- miracle cure or folk medicine? It's good for what ails you: weight loss, arthritis, high blood pressure and more.
Find out if you are getting enoungh vitamins and minerals in your diet.
Walking is a great exercise nearly anyone can participate in. This article explains how to get started.
Outlines what water-soluble vitamins are and the importance of B vitamins and vitamin C in the diet. It also explains which foods contain the vitamins and the daily intake required.
Water weight gain is a frustration of every dieter. Learn how to avoid rapid weight flucutations and be a much healthier person. Every successful dieter needs to understand water weight.
The top ten weight loss behavior modification techniques, according to successful dieters from a private survey.
What are free radicals? Why do you not want them in your body?
Osteopathic Medicine and it's founder Dr. Andrew T. Still
What is a Nurse Practitioner and their qualifications?
What can a M.D do that a P.A can't? What is a Physician's Assistant? What is the difference between a M.D and P.A?
How to write a wellness plan. It discusses the elements of wellness. It is an article for beginners; people who are just beginning on the road to good health.
The ancient Chinese technique of acupressure can relieve pain by stimulating the meridian points in your body. Acupressure utilizes pressure from fingers and hands.
What should you know about an HMO before you become a member? Why are these things important?
Behavioral chaining is a method by which an individual or animal is taught to engage in a desired series of events.
Learn if Chitosan, a popular diet drug, lives up to its promise of weight loss.
Your body uses cholesterol to produce many hormones, vitamin D, and the bile acids that help to digest fat. The excess is deposited in arteries leading to the narrowing and blockages that cause cardiovascular diseases.
Ephidrine is getting a lot of attention from the Food and Drug Administration and many State Departments of Health. Learn more about the effects of ephedrine.
Ginseng, a non-toxic herb, is considered the best supplemental and restorative agent in nature today.
What is hydroxycut? It's a weightloss supplement that helps you lose fat with or without diet & exercise.
What is measles and how can you treat it? Is it preventable? Once common, measles is less so now because of vaccination (MMR).
What is radial keratotomy? Could it be the answer to your eyesight problems? Here is everything you need to know to make an informed decision about this innovative optical surgery procedure.
Sickle Cell Anemia is a genetic trait which in the heterozygous form gives one immunity to Malaria. How did it come into being? Are there advantages today?
When dogs attack they are vicious - often deadly. How can you protect yourself?