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Use fertilizers properly. There are ways to keep that grass looking good all year round.
How did this member of the nightshade family gain the top spot in American and Irish cooking?
Learn the history of the tomato. Originally thought of as poisonous, tomatoes are now recommened to prevent prostrate cancer. How did we get so far?
Every year millions of people plant flower gardens that spawn wonderfully beautiful flowers.
African Violets are temperamental plants but given the right conditions they produce colored blossoms all year round. Learn to grow and care for this beautiful plant.
The Angelica Sinensis herb is an aromatic plant. Both the flowers and the roots are used medicinally.
Tips, seeds, foods and a recipe to attract birds to your backyard, including birdbath dos and don’ts and safety from pets.
Attracting hummingbirds to your garden is easy with specific plants and feeders.
The oriole can be attracted to your yard with specific fruits, trees, and nectar. Orioles are fun to watch and are such beautiful birds.
As cities encroach more and more on natural habitats, The National Wildlife Federation is actively encouraging homeowners to provide safe havens for small animals. Here's the things you need to attract critters to your yard.
Describes azalea disease, salt burn damage, a common disease in azalea plants. Find out what it is and what to do.
Water adds another dimension to a garden. How to choose a site for a pond, construction materials, aquatic plants, etc.
Iris leaftips turning yellow and wilting? Could be bacterial soft rot, common to bearded irises. What it is and what you can do about it.
Beginning gardeners need an understanding of "basic" tools needed to start their hobby of gardening. A breif description of those tools and how they are used.
red, yellow and black beetles chewing your bean leaves? Could be cerotoma trifurcate. What they are and what to do about damage.
o your bean leaves look lacelike? Are copper colored beetles present? Could be epilachna varivestis. Find out what they are and what to do.
A bean tower provides much needed support to delicate bean plants and makes caring for them much easier.
How to have beautiful outdoor flowers even if you don't know anything about gardening. Specific plant and easy care suggestions.
Learn about the benefits of tomatoes! Of course, we've known for a long time that tomatoes are a healthy food, but new studies indicate that tomatoes may also help prevent diseases!
Discover the goodness of berries.
Follow these growning tips and enjoy a successful harvest of a variety of berries, including blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries.
Black spots on your roses? Leaves yellow and dropping off? Find out what black spot looks like, how it manifests, what to do about it.
Bonsai means -- growing miniature trees, shrubs or landscapes in small pots or containers. Learn more about how to care for these trees.
Learn all about the amazing Japanese art of Bonsai - the growing of dwarf trees.
Tulips have colored spots and grey blotches? Could be botrytis blight. Find out what it is and what you can do about it.
Learn to build a window box planter that will help you attract butterflies and hummingbirds.
Building a terrarium is simple, and terrarium plants require very little watering or care. Terrariums can be designed from any clear, watertight container.
Water gardens are no longer just for those that have a gardener, now the average gardener can easily build their own.
Caring for your houseplants, from watering, to repotting. What to do when you go on vacation. How to fertilize, when to fertilize.
Caring for perennial bulbs: when and How to Divide Perennials and Bulbs to ensure a beautiful floral landscape.
The petunias' two most damaging insects: cutworms and caterpillars. Find out what they are and what to do about them.
Petunia blooms have grayish, brownish spots? Could be gray mold. Find out what it is and what to do about it.
Basic care for your roses. Just enough to inspire a "want to be gardener" to search out in depth information about the art of growing roses.
A fresh Christmas tree can require a lot of specialized care. He's a quick guide to all the things you'll need to remember.
A look at the fascinating habits of carnivorous plants.
Definite lines and curves of damage in your lawn? Could be chemical or fertilizer. Find out what it is and what to do.
This chicken and clam fry hails from Spanish cookery and is ready in 15 minutes. Serve with Orange Couscous and Mediterranean Eggplant and Tomato Layer.
Childrens' experience with gardening will nurture their natural fascination with nature and help instill a lifelong respect for the environment.
Yellow or brown areas of damage on your lawn? Hidden cause? Could be chinch bugs. Find out what they are and what to do about them.
How can you know which trees are best for planting in your yard? What things should you consider when choosing a tree?
Before planting a tree, there are many things, you should know first, such as the best way to choose a tree. Having a tree can provide you with a welcome shade on a sunny day, it can nicely improve your garden.
Companion planting means planning a garden to take advantage of the ability of certain plants to enhance plant growth or repel insect pests.
Companion planting is growing together plants that complement and assist each other so that they can flourish.
How to create a compost "heap" to help the environment and your garden.
Try container gardening if you love plants but have a brown thumb or if you have no gardening space.
Container gardening ideas for the beginner: how to choose suitable containers, and plants. When and how to water. How to use container gardens for privacy.
Looking for roses to containerize and suit small places? Try patio roses. Description, growing habits and maintenance along with nine plant suggestions for successful gardening.
Many of us would love to spend a lot of time and money on our garden but have neither to give. This article will show you several ways to keep your garden looking good without either time or money spent on them.
Create a butterfly garden: how to entice Monarchs and other butterflies into your garden with flowering plants, warm, sunny spaces, a birdbath or other water source, and a pesticide-free yard.
How to grow a lovely kitchen garden so that you can have the freshest vegetables directly from your own garden in your meals
Learn how to create and maintain a herb garden and savour tastes form around the world as a result of your own growing.
Learn how to fill windowboxes with gorgeous flowers for maximum impact, adding beauty and instant curb appeal to your house.
Fresh culinary herbs add their own special zest to any dish. Learn what culinary herbs are and how to grow them.
daylilies are nicknamed the perfect perennial for their hardiness, beauty, ease of maintenance and adaptability to both dry and wet sites. Here are tips on how and when to plant, and how to use them effectively in gardens
How to make a decorative garden stick using mosaic techniques. The garden stick can be used to label plants or as an accessory.
A discussion of using color theory in garden design. Tips on combining colors, the emotional effects of colors, and creating drama.
Gardening with diatomaceous earth is catching on. Never heard of it? Then read this article and learn how to get the pests out of your garden chemical-free!
Do it yourself lawn care: the proper way to grow and maintain a velvet-like inviting lawn
Dry stawlike patches on your lawn? Dogs in the area? Could be urine damage. Find out how to prevent and control it.
Find out how to prevent and control grass damage from dog urine
A drought resistant plant garden is great for areas that in summer do not receive a lot of moisture.
Dye your cut flowers to match your decor or your clothing!
tips to maintain a beautiful home lawn inexpensively, including how to cut, water and fertilize.
What are some house plants that don't want or need attention? Why might they be the best for peope who have difficulty keeping plants alive?
Edible flowers add a finishing touch to your next garden party. Learn which flowers to grow and how to serve them in this article.
Identifying edible wild plants is not as simple as that of identifying trees or wild flowers. Learn what plants you can eat.
How should you fertilize your yard to maximize the healthiness of your grass and plants? What do you need to know about yard fertilizers?
Tips about gardening in the unique Florida landscape and how to have a succesful garden in the southeast.
These few simple steps will help you prepare the soil for planting, and before you know it, you will be enjoying beautiful flowers!
By using a method called "cold treatment", you can force bulbs like tulips, daffodils and hyacinths to bloom indoors in the winter.
Discover how to grow the seven layers of a forest garden, a great environmentally friendly way to grow your own organic produce.
The foxglove is known as the skyscraper of the flower gardens. It is easy to plant and take care of.
Fragrant herbs will excite the senses of everyone who passes near them. Learn to grow them in your home or garden.
Learn front porch container gardening. You don't need a garden to grow fresh herbs and vegetables as well as flowers. Pots, soil, seeds and a porch or windowsill are all you need to exercize your green thumb.
Gladiolus have yellowing leaves? Flowers have stunted growth and a faded look? Could be fusarium yellows. Find out about this fungus and what to do.
Be careful before you spray, or stomp those ugly garden bugs. Some of them help your garden more than any spray.
Overveiw of container gardening, to those who are interested in the basics. There is enough information to start this hobby that could last a lifetime.
Besides providing a bounty of flowers, fruits and vegetables, gardening is a healthy activity. Learn how gardening provides gentle exercise and is emotionally uplifting
Garden herbs can be grown easily and beautifully. If you have an old wooden step ladder, you can use it to grow an easy herb garden. So pick up some of your favorite herb seeds and lets get to work!
Garden mulch: learn how to keep from ruining a good garden plot by mulching your soil.
How do you control unwanted pests in your lawn and garden? Learn here.
Garden pest control can be accomplished by encouraging allies that feed on the pest. Learn what they are and how they help.
How to make a garden stepping stone using mosaic techniques.
Tips for gardening annual flowers. How can you keep your garden colorful during every month of the year? What kinds of techniques should you consider?
Gardening for beginners! Basic explanation of planting flowers and vegetables. Lots of tips to boost your plants growth and blooms and a list of easy plants to grow.
Gardening is a skill that can be learned. Plants and flowers will grow and thrive more readily if the basics of gardening are followed. Here are the groundrules for nurturing a healthy garden.
Older people often forfeit the joy of gardening due to age or physical disabilities, when they could continue this healthy, rewarding hobby throughout their lives.
This article outlines key considerations for successful herb gardening including planning, selection, culture, and harvesting herbs for culinary, medicinal, and crafting purposes.
Gardening in Containers: Take your first step into the world of container gardens with this instruction on how to create one and the vegetables you can plant.
Make a shady spot come to life by gardening in the shade.
Xeriscaping, the use of native plants, is the hottest trend on the gardening scene today. Information on what exactly is a native plant and the advantages to gardeners and homeowners who use them in the home landscape
Learn why it is important to teach your children how to garden. The fruits you reap will long outlast your vegetables. Learn easy tips to make it fun.
Farmer support the use genetically changed seeds that resist a lack of moisture, herbicides and ordinary pests. Learn more about biotechnology in the farming industry.
You can create wonderful gifts of plants, especially if you have a collection of healthy houseplants already growing in your home.
Gladiolus foilage yellow and dying? Peppered with black spots? Could be dry rot. Find out more about this fungal disease and what to do.
Silvery white streaks on your gladioli? Blackish brown insects on the foilage. Could be thrips. Find what they are and what to do.
Gladiolus leaves mottled and thickened? Streaked flowers? Could be a virus. Find out more, including what to do about them.
Building a grape trellis will give your grape vines the support they need. It is important for growing grape plants to be able to grow freely.
Choosing the right ground cover plant takes time and effort. Once productive we need to maintain them to keep them useful and healthy.
Growing pineapples indoors
You can grow a rose bush from a single stem rose or cutting and enjoy a whole garden of memories with little effort!
Your favorite herbs can easily be grown in a terrarium. canning jars, apothecary jars, or even Pyrex casserole dishes can be used.
Growing an avocado tree from a seed is easy! Step-by-step instructions for sprouting the seed and growing the tree indoors or outdoors.
Growing azaleas in your garden: discusses characteristics and needs of azaleas, a popular garden shrub closely related to rhododendrons. Provides information about specific varieties of azaleas.
How and where to plant berry bushes, a discussion of 'everbearing' types vs. once bearing, pruning for maximum yield, controlling growth on brambly bushes such as blackberries, organic pest control measures
Bonsai is the ancient oriental art of growing dwarf trees. Learn how to grow your own Bonsai tree!
In temperate climates , camellias are easy to grow. How and where to plant them, an explanation of the 3 main types and when each one will flower.
Growing clematis: how to plant it, which varieties to choose, and how to prune.
Growing giant pumpkins: Learn everything you need to know about growing giant pumpkins. Soil conditions and preparation, how to harvest, and the secret ingredient!
How to grow tomatoes successfully in the greenhouse. Excellent information for first time growers.
How to grow healthy organic tomatoes - from seed to harvest. Included are tips on natural pest and weed control.
Strawberry growing made simple -- an explanation of the 4 different types of strawberries (June-bearing, everbearing, day-neutral, and Alpine)
Focuses on growing strawberry plants at home in a small back garden or window box. Covers topics such as site selection,soils,fertilization,variety selection and harvesting
Drying herbs: continue enjoying their flavor and aroma by using this simplified method of drying and storing herbs
Herb gardens are catching on in popularity. There is no comparison to cooking with herbs, you have grown yourself.
Grow your own collection of favorite herbs in your kitchen garden, a handy window box or in container. Zesty herbs adds zing to any meal!
Outlines the differences between preemergent and postemergent herbicides and ways they are used. Includes precautions to take.
A brief history of the apple fruit: at one time, we had over 2500 of the 7000 varieties that could be found worldwide. Where did they go?
Home vegetable gardening: Even if you live in an apartment, you can grow vegetables.
You can make homemade insecticide using a simple soap flakes and water. This will control fleas and ants in your yard and garden without using harsh, dangerous chemicals.
These basic care tips will help you be successful at keeping healthy house plants: Conditioning, watering, soil, potting and proper temperature and humidity.
Keep your houseplants healthy while you are away from home by ensuring you have a plan in place for their care!
House plant guide: What are some different types of house plants? Which ones require which amount of care? How much water?
Rock gardens are a beautiful addition to any back or front yard. Learn how to build your own rock garden, right down to the plants.
Learn how to build a compost! The materials are in your very own yard. The results of it's use will grow fantastic flowers and vegetables.
Learn to design and build a greenhouse, made of glass or other materials with a controlled temperature for cultivating plants
How to compost: rich organic compost is a key step in a vital garden.
Learn how to compost with this easy guide.The benefits of adding compost to your garden are miraculous!
Ten dwarfed trees can be planted in the space it takes for one full size tree. This article will teach you how to dwarf trees.
Taking a simple seed from an avocado you have bought at the grocery store you can grow an avocado tree inside your house. This article will tell you how.
A step by step guide on how to grow beautiful roses.
Learn how to grow ferns inside your house. Delicate appearing lacy ferns are a great addition to any interior design.
Learn how to grow your own fruit trees, starting with the seeds from your average orange, lemon, lime or tangerine.
Learn how to grow some of the largest tomato plants. Growing your own tomato plants is not as hard as most people think.
Learn how to grow orchids at home. Orchid are delicate, beautiful flowers that in most cases require specialized care in a greenhouse.
How to grow orchids! Orchids are as easy to grow houseplants. Take a look at these four common varieties and find out how to grow them.
Learn how to grow roses! Fragrant roses are one of the easiest flowering plants to grow.
Spice up your salads or sandwichs with these spicy sprouts. You can even grow them at home!
Buying new starter herbs each year can be costly. Learn how to identify when your herbs are seeding, to harvest those seeds for next years crop, as well as, how to dry and store the seeds.
As with Indain Paintbrushes and all wild flowers, understanding the basic plant parts and how the function is very important in identifying the plant.
Like vegetable and herb gardens, cutting gardens are planted more for production than for display. Here's how to plant a cutting garden that will provide fresh flowers to cut and bring indoors, from early spring until the first killing frost.
A wildflower meadow is a unique alternative to a more traditional lawn and garden beds. Here are various options for establishing wildflowers quickly and easily.
Tulip bulbs: A wonderful way to greet spring and say goodbye to winter.
How do you plant a tree? What techniques should you consider for best results?
How do you prune a tree? What techniques should you consider when pruning a tree for best results?
An explanation of how to prune a tree with instructions on how to identify branches that need pruning.
One part of the Ragweed plant produces clouds of pollen that is the bain of allergy suffers. Learn what part of the plant it is!
Bare spots are found in every lawn. There are simple ways to repair them.
Shady borders are used to add shade to that dull area in the lawn that needs perking up.
House plants are easy to grow and care for. With a little knowledge and research you can grow beautiful houseplants that will bring you very much enjoyment.
To make your garden look presentable (and so that you don't havre to spend the whole summer weeding) there are a few quick ideas for tidying the garden for the summer months.
The name dogwood tends to cover so many different kinds of shrub and tree that it confuses most tree lovers. Learn about the Flowering Dogwood.
Freshly tilled garden soil is rarely ideal for many reasons. Before you plant your garden learn how to fix your soil.
Its fun to experiment with indoor container gardening using that spare room. Try growing inside and just see what we can do!
Indoor plant care: Different aspects of raising healthy and beautiful house plants, as well as keeping them alive.
Installing a raised flowerbed adds dimension and texture to your garden, and you can do it in a weekend.
This method, known as French Intensive gardening, is meant to give the best crop yield from a small area.
Leaves ragged with dark spots? Pink caterpillars munching your iris? Find out how to control borer damage and rid yourself of moths.
Iris leaftips dying off? Leaf bases dry and brown? Could be iris crown rot. Find out what it is and what to do about it.
Iris leaves have rust-coloured pustules. Could be Iris Rust. Find out more, including how it spreads and what fungicide to use to control it.
The Iris is a low maintenace perennial flower that requires little care. Learn about the varieties available and their care.
Irish moss is a bushy seaweed that saved thousands of starving Irish during the potato famine of the mid 19th century. Today it is used as a thickener, filler, stretcher and as emulsifier in many cosmetics.
Japanese garden design elements found in classic Japanese gardens; how to re-interpret and incorporate them into home landscapes
Follow these tips to design your own Japanese garden in a small space.
Some advice to keep your garden free from bugs! Low-cost tips for gardeners who want to keep the bugs and ants away for their plants.
Helpful tips on keeping your lawn and landscape healthy throughout the summer. Tips on watering, mowing, fertilizing and identifying insect damage.
Get your kids gardening! With imagination and dirt you can introduce children to a world of experiences in the garden. It's easy, inexpensive and educational.
Techniques for killing lawn thatch.
Ladybugs can be used for organic pest-control in the garden, eating aphids and elimating the need for pesticides.
Lady's Slipper is a species of the orchid family, which has an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 members. Learn all about this flower.
Landscaping tips: Ornamental grasses and hardy ferns extend landscaping options by thriving in adverse growing conditions where other plants will not grow.
With this lawn care advice—you can have that perfect lawn without laboring as much as your neighbors. Make them green with envy as you enjoy plush grass the easy way.
Lawn care tips for a beautiful lawn without digging deep into your pocketbook or your time
Wet lawn developing pink and yellow patches of damage? Could be fusarium patch. Find out what it is and what to do about it.
Is your lawn brown,irregularly shaped and dying? It could be lawn grub damage from one of several beetles. Find out what they are how to control them.
These easy maintenance tips will provide you with a beautiful lawn without the back breaking work! You will never have to rake your lawn again.
Bahai, bermuda or other grasses dry, brown and dying? Could be lawn mole crickets. What they are and what to do about them.
Lawn weed control can be done by several ways, herbicides, cultivation, planting a close bedding, and mulching.
Lawn weed control: Weeds are a nuisance for any lawn. There are steps to rid yourself of unwanted plantain, thistle and daises.
Watery spots on your bean leaves? Could be leaf blight. Find out the two common forms of the disease and what to do.
How can you keep your grass looking green? What techniques should you use when trying to maintain a green lawn?
Making organic fertilizer is good for your plants and the environment!
Mistletoe was long considered a plant with sacred powers. For a parasitic plant, it has come a long way.
Roses have brown and yellow splotches? Rings? Could be mosaic or streak virus. Identify it and find out what to do about it.
Natural garden pest control: ladybugs are a gardiners best friend for natural pest control. The busy little insects and their larvae are aphids natural enemies!
Natural pest control: Vegetables grown without the use of pesticides are tastier and healthier. It is also easier than you think.
Various herbs, wisely placed in your garden, can deter even the worst pest. This article will teach you what to plant or use and where.
Save all your old newspapers to use in your garden. Placing a layer of newspaper over bare dirt, makes a great mulch and has many organic benefits.
Here are orchid growing instructions and advice for beginners who want to grow these exotic flowers. Which varieties to start with, light and temperature requirements, coaxing plants into bloom, fertilization, etc.
Organic gardening is growing and marketing health foods that have not been treated with commercial chemicals. Only natural fertilizers and pest repellents are used to qualify for the higher, health food prices.
Organic gardening is a way of building and rebuilding the soil and encouraging populations of desirable insects and birds to sustain plantings year after year.
Organic gardening tips: work with living soil using nature's methods to produce pesticide-free fruits, flowers, and vegetables in a safe environment.
What are some different types of organic lawn and garden fertilizer alternatives? How are they used? What are the benefits?
Organic plant food saves money, and your plants. Try using these free gardening fertilizers!
Perennial flowers may grow and thrive for many years depending on the particular kind you choose.
What are the best way to use pesticides? How can you keep you, your family and your pets safe?
Get rich compost in as little as two weeks! Learn how to build and maintain a compost pile! Great compost the easy way!
Before taking on the labor intensive job of a garden there are a few things we need to consider. How much will we use and need the food we will produce?
How to Grow Plants from Cuttings. Free plants? You bet! Many plants will readily grow from stem cuttings, and it's suprisingly easy to do.
During the Roman era plants were prevalent, and a huge collection of plant lore has survived from those ancient times.
Planting a garden: when to plant and when to harvest
Planting a vegetable garden in containers. Save time space and money, and enjoy fresh garden produce.
Herbs are a wonderful aromatic addition to any garden. Herb gardens are simple to maintain, and are so useful. Planting an herb garden is easy.
How to get a head start on spring by starting tender seedlings indoors under fluorescent lights.
Powdery mildew covering your roses? Could be the fungus Sphaerotheca pannosa. FInd out what this fungus is and what to do about it.
Preparing your soil to grow roses can be simple. Learn how to improve soil structure and drainage, as well as repairing rose sick soil.
How can you provide the best amount of light for your indoor plants? What light bulbs work best? What are some techniques you should consider for best results?
Basic instructions on designing a rock garden including planning, selection and placement of rocks, and plant selection and arrangement.
Find out more about root vegetables and why they are good for you.
Roses have pink and green insect clusters? Sticky leaves? Black mold? Find out about rose aphid damage and what to do about it.
Rose gardening tips! How can you raise the optimum rose plants? What techniques should you consider?
Expert tips to help the beginning rose gardener grow beautiful roses. Tips include site selection, feeding, pest and disease management, and pruning.
A guide to planting roses and how take care of them. Tips on how and when to plant roses.
Pruning roses is easy. This plant-care guide will show you around the rose garden and teach you how to keep your roses happy and healthy while they produce more buds.
Yellow and brown spots on your leaves? Could be Rose Rust. What is it? What does it look like? What can you do about it?
Scablike lesions on your gladiolus corms? Tiny, red brown spots deadening your leaves? Sounds like gladioli scab. Find out what it is and what to do.
If prices at the garden store are high, seed and plant exchanges can be a great way to begin.
Make a self watering planter using plastic soda bottles. Easy to make, for indoor, outdoor plants or starting seedlings.
Some suggestions for shade loving plants that will thrive in the shady areas of garden or yard.
This shrimp dip recipe is perfect for entertaining!
A guide to small garden design explaining how to plant a vegetable garden using containers, including how deep the containers must be and how far apart to plant the plants.
Damaged, discolored grass? Could be sod webworms. Find out what they are and what to do.
What do you need to know to test the soil in your yard and keep it in good condition?
How can you test your soil? How do you know if your garden is good enough to plant things in it? What can you do to make your soil healthy?
The Southern Magnolia is a medium to large sized evergreen with large bowl shaped white flowers. Learn all about this tree.
Rose leaves stippled and dirty? Could be spider mites. Learn what they are, how they manifest, and what you can do about damage and infestation.
Purchasing or recognizing a healthy tree is extremely important. Learn how to look for bad characteristics in trees before you buy or plant.
With square foot gardening you can grow more food in 1/4 the space of a traditional garden. The secret? The new method of planting in square grids instead of rows.
Step-by-step guide to starting your garden indoor from seed. From preparing starter soil, to seedlings, to planting in your outdoor garden.
How to Begin a Summer Vegetable Garden. There's no comparison between store-bought veggies and those that come from the home garden.
Starting an indoor garden and fun! Especially if you love spring and planting, sometimes it is too hard to wait for the last frost to go.
The lavender herb has been used for thousands of years, whether in food, in the garden, in the medicine cabinent, or just looking lovely in the garden. Find out more about this intriguing herb.
Long considered a deceptive plant, poison oak changes its appearance with every season. Learn to identify this toxic plant before it's too late.
The garden snail is not only found in gardens. He makes his home in a variety of places. You can find him throughout Great Britain, from the coastal cliffs to its forest.
The lily of the valley is a sweet smelling plant, with beautiful flowers.
The saguaro,state symbol of Arizona, can live up to 200 years, can be up to 50 feet tall, and can weigh as much as 8 tons
Tips for selecting, planting, growing and maintaining beatiful roses successfuly so they come back year after year.
I have found a way to grow larger, healthier roses using left over foods and household products.
Grow perfect tomatoes in containers. Growing vegetables in containers is fun and easy, and perfect for apartment dwellers.
Time to spruce up your landscaping. Then bring your shrubs and trees home and get them planted!
How to use trees and shrubs to lower your utility bills, as well as, what to plant and where.
Six varieties of trees that have limited growth potential and are aesthetic enough to become a focal point in a small space or urban garden.
Learn the types of lawn grass work in which types of yards and environments. How do you know which type is right for you?
What are some different types of grass you should consider getting for your yard? What is each most commonly used for?
New graden plant ideas: No one has to use the same old marigolds and petunias in a garden year after year -- new and interesting varieties of annual plants are available at better garden centers
Unique garden gifts are perfect for avid gardeners. Here are some tips to guide non-gardeners along the way... no matter which holiday is coming up next
When and how should you fertilize your different vegetables? Which vegetables don't need fertilization? Which ones do?
Growing a vegetable garden can be rewarding. But, like anything worthwhile it takes time, patience and planning. A basic overview on how to start your first vegetable garden.
Simple tips and ideas for planting a vegetable garden.
How to make your vegetable garden provide the most for the space available. Hints on choosing plants, spacing, watering, fertilizing.
Here are some tips for vegetable gerdening. The size of your garden has a great deal to do with what you can plant. Also, the choice to seeds, and time to maturing is a factor.
Using vine plants for seasonal color, fragrance, privacy, shade, camouflage, and utilization of small spaces. A discussion of each, with recommendations on specific vines to use.
Viticulture is the art and science of growing grapes. Good wine must be made from good grapes. Learn how.
You can design a water garden. Its easy to do if you follow these simple instructions. Listed are tha types of plant to use and the kinds of containers to use.
Kill and control those unwanted weeds and wildflowers from around your house and garden.
Phytochemicals are the latest weapon in the fight against disease. Phytochemicals are the next level in achieving overall good health. Learn more!
Fusarium blight can cause large, dying crescent shaped "frog eye" patterns on your lawn. Find out what is is and how to control it.
How do we know which toadstools are fine to eat and which are not? Each poisonous toadstool is descibed here.
Wildlife gardens let you get more out of life and help our environment as well.
Dry rot is a fungus that infests wood which is continuously in contact with water. Learn to recognize and repair dry rot.
Brown hardbodied insects in and around the home? Could be woodroaches. Find out about these cockroaches and what to do.
Woodland ferns are not only beautiful, but they have a magical, romantic way of reproducing. You can watch the heart shaped male and female spores swim to each other to create a new baby fern!