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Art deco was introduced when technological advances and the end of World War I created a more active lifestyle and a colorful geometric style that influenced American architecture and fashion.
Hints and tips on how to prolong the life of your clothes by cleaning ,storing, and caring for them properly.
This guide for clowns gives helpful advice for creating a clown costume.
Designers arrange and design articles, products, and materials in such a way that they are not only functional, serving the purpose for which they were intended, but also visually pleasing. Learn more.
Diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. They are precious minerals which illuminate brightly,giving them a sparkling glow. Learn more!
If you've ever wondered just how close cubic zirconia are to real diamonds, here are some things you should definitely know!
Do you want design unique dresses? Here are a few ideas to spruce up your wardrobe and create dresses you would love to wear.
Here are some tips on how to dress to hide your weight.
Fabric stain removal: How do you remove different types of common stains from washable fabrics? What are some techniques you can use to avoid permanently damaging your fabrics?
A retrospective look at some of the most popular fashion designers of the 20th century.
Flea market tips: Flea markets have just about everything you could ever want and need. Some things do you need to keep in mind while shopping at a flea market.
Ever wonder what your birthstone is? This explains the birthstones for each month of the year and some of the propeties of each.
This article gives ten good reasons to get your hair cut at the beauty college. It discusses the services a beauty college can perform.
Tips to find a hairstle tailor made for your face shape. Just follow the guide and your tresses will look dynamite!
Every woman struggles with whether to grow or cut her hair. Generally, we struggle back and forth. Men think we're crazy. Their opinion of women's hair? Long=good;short=bad.
Mehndi, or henna tattoos, is a form of temporary body art that allows people to express themselves temporarily, and painlessly.
Learn to take care of your down pillows and comforters. You should always protect your down item with an outer shell.
When washing and cleaning leather garments and furniture, you do need to follow special instructions. Learn how to clean your leather.
Cleaning suede garments needn't be a hard task. You just need to know how to go about it.
Here are simple ways to overcome and manage shyness to live your life to the fullest.
Tips for keeping your laundry basket fresh: tired of smelling those unwanted soiled clothing aromas? I have the solution! Say goodbye to all those unwanted smells...forever!
A brief explanation of the technology and innovation that goes into Mephisto shoes.
Whip up these natural beauty recipes and give yourself the "spa" treatment without ever leaving home.
After the wedding the next job to think about is proper storage of the wedding dress.
Rolex and Polo watches are heavily copied. These differences will help you from purchasing an imitation.
Are you spending your kids' inheritance on pink stuff for your skin? Spend it on wild parties instead; you don't need those bottles and jars.
Stain removal guide:Most stains can be easily removed just by normal washing procedures. For those stubborn stains there are a few solutions that make light work of a stubborn stain.
The pantsuit is a no-brainer when it comes to putting together an outfit. Find out about the history of the pantsuit and how to select the best style based on your figure type.
How vicunas have been saved from the brink of extinction and how their wools being sheared once again--this time to the benefit of the common people
Everybody wants to buy clothes all the time, but most of us do not want to buy at the regular price, so we often wait for a storewide clearance, sale or best we go to the outlet.