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a suggested list of ten romantic movies perfect for an early dating situation.
With the onset of after proms parties following the formal dance, many fresh ideas have emerged in recent years that will keep the students at the after prom activity and not doing what they should not.
A very detailed paper studying the "cult aspect" of two cult genre movies: Rosemary's Baby and Pink Flamingos
debating the taboos such as sex, marijuana, homosexuality in cult movies of the 1930s
Three basic tips essential to entertaining to impress: time and place, creating atmosphere, and choosing the right food and wine.
Federal trade commission guidelines: What do businesses legally need to tell you in their radio ads? Do all businesses need to comply?
Great entertaining ideas for a special party that everyone will remember.
This will provide information on how to apply clown make up for the white faced and aguste clowns and hints on keeping a makeup kit.
Insider tips from a former actress and director on how to shine at theater auditions...and get the role you want!
Singing is the easiest, most natural act in the world. Learn to sing with your real voice. Singing techniques written by a trained singer. Ideas for vocal exercises and performance.
How to tell a joke: comic timing, good storytelling ability and comfort in front of an audience eager for laughter.
Movie review of Gladiator! "Gladiator", starring Russell Crowe, is an epic film. Maybe a bit too epic. I was hoping for another "Spartacus"...
Perhaps no other film defines 'cult movie' as well as The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With perpetual midnight showings and a dedicated fan base, this movie still taps into a segment of society largely ignored by mainstream filmmakers. Here's what all the fuss is about.
Professional wrestling on TV: Viewers are questioning the content of professional wrestling shows on television and rightfully so.
We all have to face house guests in this world, most show up uninvited or at the spur of the moment. There are ways to handle this situation and make their stay painless for both of you.
Office parties can be a nice diversion from work. The cost of buying gifts, however, can become substantial. Here are ten thoughtful gifts priced under $10 for co-workers.
Alan Parker's film, The Commitments, follows the exhilarating rise and eventual downfall of a pickup Irish Soul band trying to break out of a working class Dublin existence.
Jim Rome and his radio show the Jungle has become one of the premier national sportscasters in the country. His frankenes and great interview abilities make him very entertaining.
Tips on public speaking: ways to overcome the crippling effects of stage fright, and how to use nervous energy to actually improve performance.
VCR self repair! Don't pay repairs. DO it yourself!
Zombies are created by Bokor priests who practice black magic. Victims are given exotic poisons to turn them into one of the living dead.
WWF and WCW have the highest ratings of all cable televison shows. The reasons range from its broad appeal to clever storylines.