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Affirmative action in state schools propogates racism and doesn't accomplish its intended goals.
Reasons to attend an all female college.
Next time you are hungry at college but are at a loss for money, just make one of these excellent and inexpensive meals.
Choosing a college major isn't an easy decision. Employers are looking for collge students with business and computer backgrounds. Students with these skills are finding themselves in great demand.
This article provides advice for high school students thinking about the process of choosing, applying and going to college.
How to stay thin in college, even if you're forced to eat in the dreaded dorms.
The true story behind college dormitories and what you can expect there.
Next time you are hungry at college but are at a loss for money, just make one of these excellent and inexpensive meals.
Some insight on College greek life. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of joining a fraternity, or a sorority.
College preparation: Tips on making the transition from home life to college life easier for you and your child.
Are you searching for job-hunting advice, hoping to land a career of your choice? Take some advice from a fellow student student on internships, work experience, and interviewing.
A major decision for college students involves the computer they choose to buy. Desktops provide more expansion and less of a hassle than laptops.
When trying to adjust to dorm life, you might find yourself with a lot of extra time on your hands. Try these games and activities.
College dorm rooms can seem cramped and confining, so decorating your room in an interesting way can help you be more creative, and relax when you're feeling stressed.
Learning some helpful ways to study successfully can improve your grades drastically.
First year law school can be terrifying experience. But as long as you follow the right advice, first year will be a breeze.
Finding the right career can be the most difficult decision of your life.
If you left high school without graduating, the GED Tests provide a way for you to earn your GED high school diploma.
Everyone overpacks when they first go to college, so this guide will help new students move into their new dorm room. I've made the mistakes, now here's how you avoid them!
Quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to liven up any college dorm or apartment, from paint accents to furniture reupholstery.
What are some ways you can finance your education?
Learn how to pay for college very cheaply or even attend for free by utilizing special programs and attending tuition-free colleges.
Many new recruits are briefed by their recruiters about the physical demands of military basic training, but little is said about the extreme mental and social pressures faced during this time. Here's how to prepare yourself mentally for the challenges of military basic training.
A real preview for anyone who is thinking about pledging for a fraternity.
Here are some tips for preparing your children for college.
Short profile on the history of and current statistics on the University of Georgia.
Scholarship scams:when you're applying for educational scholarships, what do you need to look out for to make sure you don't get ripped off?
The question as to whether or not college athletes should be compensated for their services brings up some fairly poignant issues from both sides.
An honest, helpful discussion of whether or not you should attend Pomona College. Written by a current student.
If this is your first time in a college dorm living situation, here are ten commandments to keep in mind.
Make every college students jealous by making them believe you went on spring break even if you couldn't afford it.
What things can you do to increase your child's odds of getting into college? What kinds of things do you need to know when your child is applying for college?
As an incoming freshmen, college life can be very scary. Learn tips to help you enjoy your first year.
What do you need to know about educational financial aid before you get started applying? What are some different types of financial aid?
Have you considered a degree in Anthropology? Discover what to expect from your education and what type of job you will be about to persue.
What is college really like? Separating the truths from the myths.